We are overjoyed to be the Global Ambassadors for Uganda Shoe Trees (UST). In our daily life, we are a Christian Illusionist team. We travel all over the world working with churches and ministries to draw in and entertain their audiences.

Uganda Shoe Trees Global Ambassadors

As a part of our shows, we will often do an illusion that involves a shoe. This gives us the perfect opportunity to talk about UST and all the amazing work they are doing. Part of the fun of that moment for us is that if there is anyone in the audience who has not warmed up to us by that portion of the show, usually by the time I finish explaining what UST does, they soften up and become very engaged in the rest of our program.

Afterward, we have a table where we sell our merchandise, pose for photographs and sign autographs. We also collect money for UST. Very often people come running up to the table not to meet us, or buy something of ours, but rather to donate. In fact, at a recent show, one gentleman came up to us and said that he just “wanted to go shoe shopping,” as he used our DipJar to give money to UST!

People really love this program and its multi-faceted approach. Everyone who comes up to our table seems to have a different connection to it. Some people are enthralled by the creation care element. Some people are touched by the economic impact we are making in Uganda. Everyone seems thrilled by the opportunity we have to help so many young people get an education and truly change the trajectory of their lives and the lives of their families.

It is always an honor for us to stand on stage and represent Uganda Shoe Trees. We are blessed to be able to help UST raise the funds necessary to do the important work of purchasing shoes and trees. We look forward to many more years of this partnership and the opportunity to use our show to engage more supporters.