Uganda Shoe Trees (501c3) is one of the three prime initiatives of Shoe Tree Educational Support, an international, non-profit, Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) registered in Uganda. The other initiatives are Let’s Go Green and Barefoot Uganda.  


Uganda Shoe Trees, founded by David Wahlstedt, is the first of three prime initiatives of Shoe Tree Educational Support. Uganda Shoe Trees supports entrepreneurial educators in rural areas by providing high-quality, hand-made school shoes for needy students at our partner schools. In addition, fruit tree seedlings are provided to students to plant and maintain on campus. These trees provide added nutritional support for students while simultaneously beautifying the campus and providing shade.


Let’s Go Green, founded by Robert Matovu, is the second of three prime initiatives of Shoe Tree Educational Support. Let’s Go Green seeks to mobilize students and administrators at our partner schools to improve the quality of their campus through tree planting, nature conservancy, and recycling. Future plans include the development of a Let’s Go Green Conservation Curriculum to be taught at each of partner schools.


Barefoot Uganda, founded by Paul Ssesanga, is the third of three prime initiative of Shoe Tree Educational Support. Barefoot Uganda provides training and support for potential entrepreneurs who want to learn how to start and grow a shoe-making business. Once established, these entrepreneurial shoe-makers provide high-quality, custom-made shoes for needy students at the schools with whom we partner.